CRAACE research fellows on television and at conferences in March 2021

Tune in to this TV programme and these conferences coming up in the next two weeks to hear CRAACE research fellows discuss their research on Alfons Mucha, Adolf Loos, rural realism, and more.

On Tuesday, 2 March, at 8.15 pm CET Marta Filipová will be discussing the phenomenon of Alfons Mucha in the programme ArtZóna on the Czech TV channel ČT:art. Mucha is an artist whose work still fascinates and divides. Known mostly for his Art Nouveau posters, the artist’s monumental Slav Epic on the history and myths of the Slavs and Czechs is not a straightforward fit in the art history of modern Czechoslovakia. The Epic is also still looking for a permanent home, which Mucha envisaged in Prague. At the same time, his work has recently been subjected to new exhibition approaches, reviewed by Marta here, and even turned into a multimedia show. Whether this is the right legacy for his work is one of the topics discussed by the programme. The broadcast is in Czech and will be available on demand. Follow this link for more.

On 4 March Julia Secklehner will be presenting a paper at the conference Adolf Loos – In Search of Space for Modern Life organised by Visit PlzeňZápadočeská galerie v Plzni and Czech Center New York. Julia’s paper will be part of Panel 1, Adolf Loos – Between America and Europe, and will be entitled Adolf Loos, Celebrity: On the Architect’s Popular Reception in Interwar Austria and Czechoslovakia. The conference will be hosted on Zoom and will begin at 2 pm EST / 8 pm CET. For more information click here.

On 10 March Julia Secklehner will be participating in the conference Decentering Realisms: 1750 to Now organised by the Courtauld Institute of Art. Seeking to expand and geographically and theoretically decentre our conceptualisations of realism in modern art, the conference will ask how far and in what ways can art from across the world be comprehended under the expanded term ‘realism’? Julia’s paper, Rural Realism: Social Documentary Photography Against Nationalism in Interwar Central Europe, will be part of Panel 1. The conference takes place online, on 10 and 11 March. Click here for registration details.

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