New article by Marta Filipová on Anthropological Displays at World’s Fairs and Exhibitions

An article by CRAACE Research Fellow Marta Filipová, ‘Simplified Authenticity: Anthropological Displays at World’s Fairs and Exhibitions,’  has just been published in the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures.

The article is a response to the journal’s special issue on world’s fairs. World’s fairs and international exhibitions do not cease to fascinate researchers. Just as the objects, people and ideas on display at these massive events captivated their audiences, many humanities disciplines have studied exhibitions with similar curiosity and interest. A vast number of publications comprising articles, monographs, anthologies and special issues have been written on individual world’s fairs, histories of exhibitions in a single country, or the participation of a specific country in the expositions. They are approached from various subject areas, but most commonly and fruitfully from anthropology, ethnography or ethnology, or from my discipline, which is the history of art and design. While all of these have different methods, they often share their study material. Historians of art and design have examined, for example, the architecture of fairs, the design of the grounds, and exhibits of the visual arts, but also performances and displays of native people. And this is where the interests of art history meet anthropology.

The article is open access. You can read it here.

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