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Nóra Veszprémi wins Rath Prize for article in Austrian History Yearbook

CRAACE research fellow Nóra Veszprémi has been awarded the R. John Rath Prize of the Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota for her article  ‘Whose Landscape Is It? Remapping Memory and History in Interwar Central Europe,’ published in Volume 51 of the Austrian History Yearbook.

The R. John Rath Prize, a cash award, is given annually for the best article published in the Austrian History Yearbook. It is funded by the estate of the longtime Habsburg scholar and founding editor of the AHY, R. John Rath (1910–2001), and by contributions in his memory.

According to the Laudatio: ‘The committee applauded the article’s creative use of sources. Veszprémi examined sources such as maps, postcards, and coffee table books, which are ubiquitous but often overlooked by scholars, as well as more formal painting, and from them she built an innovative argument concerning the fluidity of cultural sites for different nationalist discourses. The article also represented for the committee interdisciplinarity “done right” – a genuine blending of techniques and sources from disciplines that are traditionally separate endeavors. Written in an accessible style, the article is an insightful and engaging exploration of how cultural memory, landscape, and national identity intersected in Central Europe in the first half of the twentieth century.’

The article is open access. Read it here.


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